Management for health services delivery

Management of resources and support systems:
Human resources

Performance management

  • Conducting Performance Appraisal
    pdf, 49kb

    Chartered Management Institute, 2004
    Focus on behaviours and outcomes, benefits for apraisees and appraisers
    (2 pages, pdf 48kb)
  • Performance Management Tool
    Management Sciences for Health, 1998
    Performance objectives, how to develop job descriptions, performance review
    (19 pages, pdf 68kb)
  • Performance Management Guide
    Civil Service Bureau, 1999, updated 2005, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Government
    Objectives and features of a good staff performance management system; Questions and Answers
    (16 pages, pdf 540kb)
  • Prime Performance Improvement
    Prime II Project, USAID, 2003
    English, French and Spanish; clear job descriptions and expectations; immediate performance feedback; adequate physical environment and tools; motivation and incentives; adequate knowledge and skills; support from the organization; country examples
    (12 pages, pdf 871kb)