Management for health services delivery

Strengthening management capacity

Who are the managers?

Who are the key health service managers in low income countries?

  • Heads of sub-national health services (e.g. district medical officers; those in charge of health sub-districts)
  • Programme managers
  • Hospital and facility managers

Health service managers are those with primary responsibility for services, resources, and partnerships. Many are clinicians that are also working as managers, often without proper management training. There are few formally trained managers placed in dedicated management posts.

Good leadership and management are about:

  • providing direction to, and gaining commitment from, partners and staff
  • facilitating change
  • achieving better health services through efficient, creative and responsible deployment of people and other resources

Leaders set the strategic vision and mobilize required efforts.
Good managers ensure effective organization and use of resources to achieve results towards realizing the vision.

What has to be managed?

When managing health systems and services, the nature of what has to be managed is remarkably similar across many different settings. All programmes, projects, facilities and area health authorities, whether public or private, have to manage the following 3 things: