Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Sexually Transmitted Infections among adolescents

The need for adequate health services

Dehne, Karl; Riedner, Gabriele

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Number of pages: 90
Publication date: 2005
Languages: English
ISBN: 9241562889



Each year an estimated 333 million new cases of curable sexually transmitted infections (STI) occur worldwide with the highest rates among 20-24 year olds, followed by 15-19 year olds. One in 20 young people is believed to contract a STI each year, excluding HIV and other viral infections. A minority of adolescents have access to any acceptable and affordable STI services.

This document presents a review of the literature documenting existing experience with the provision of STI services for adolescents. It indicates that although increasing efforts have been made to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health, most emphasize the provision of information and counselling and/or family planning. Less common are initiatives which include STI care.

Various models of STI service delivery are reviewed including public and private sector clinics; services based in or linked to schools and stand-alone adolescent specific services. It proposes priority actions in research, policy and service delivery options.