Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Analytic case studies: initiatives to increase the use of health services by adolescents


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Number of pages: 52, 48 , 48
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English, Russian, French
ISBN: 9789241598354, 9789241598347, 9789241598361



CAH has worked with front-line organizations in Estonia, Mozambique and South Africa to prepare analytic case studies of three outstanding initiatives that have scaled up the provision of health services to adolescents. CAH’s objectives in supporting this documentation effort were:

  • To provide governmental and non-governmental organizations in developing countries involved in scaling-up the provision of health services to adolescents with examples of how this has been done successfully in other developing country settings.
  • To provide staff in international organizations providing technical and financial support to developing countries in scaling up the provision of health services to adolescents with analytic case studies showing how this was done and what was achieved in three different developing country settings.

The South African case study is of the Evolution of the National Adolescent Friendly Clinic Initiative which was an integral part of the high profile loveLife programme. The Mozambican case study was of the progress made by the multisectoral Geraçao Biz programme, a key component of which was youth-friendly health services, in moving from inception to large scale. The Estonian case study was that of the nationwide spread of the Amor youth clinic network, led by the Sexual Health Association in that country.

The key message emanating from each case study is that scaling up the provision of health services to adolescents in developing country settings in a sustainable way is clearly doable, but it requires deliberate and concerted effort.