Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Global Monitoring of Implementation of Maternal Death Surveillance and Response (MDSR)

In March 2015, WHO and UNFPA in partnership, initiated a global survey among all member states to assess the level of implementation of MDSR in countries. The purpose of this first Global MDSR implementation survey was to have baseline information of degree of implementation to better target needed support and follow progress over time.

Apart from country progress data, countries and partners were asked to provide case studies describing the implementation MDSR process with challenges and success factors as well as innovations to improve MDSR implementation to serve as a learning platform for other countries and implementers.

The MDSR implementation survey is planned to be conducted at a regular basis to follow progress in MDSR implementation over time. The first MDSR Global Implementation Survey has been completed between April and September 2015. A summary report of this survey is underway. MDSR implementation country profiles are also prepared and presented using the survey data.

The regular global MDSR monitoring initiative country will document country experiences, best practices and lessons learnt in MDSR implementation. Country case studies represent qualitative evidence of MDSR implementation to provide learning opportunities across the MDSR community network. MDSR supporting partners in collaboration with WHO have contributed to developing the country case studies.