Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Technical consultation on the practical application of the CRC to advance child and adolescent health in countries

Event to showcase how the CRC can be used to improve the health and development of children and adolescents

10-11 May 2010

Realizing Children's Right to Health

20 November 2009 marked the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This ground-breaking document is widely recognized as the principal normative and legal framework for the protection and fulfilment of children's physical, developmental, social, economic, and cultural rights. It provides a unique, universal blueprint for ensuring children's survival, optimal health and development, and successful transition from childhood into adulthood.

The anniversary of the CRC allows WHO, its Member States and partners, to take stock of the progress made in improving the survival, health and development of children and adolescents; and to renew our commitment to finding effective, and above all, equitable and sustainable solutions to the many challenges that remain.

More specifically, it provides a timely and strategic opportunity to demonstrate the importance of the CRC for strengthening legal accountability, and for improving planning and programming for child and adolescent health in countries. WHO and its partners are therefore organizing a technical consultation on best practices in using the CRC as a framework and tool to improve child and adolescent health.

The consultation will bring together UN agencies, international aid organizations, independent experts and interested governments. Participants will work towards answering these questions:

  • What explicit role does and should the CRC play:
    • in improving the availability of and access to life-saving health information, interventions and services?
    • in strengthening a supportive and enabling legal and policy environment for child and adolescent health?
    • in monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness?
  • How can the explicit use of the CRC ensure a more sustained focus on equity considerations in actions aimed at improving child and adolescent health?

The consultation is expected to lead to an improved common understanding of and commitment to the use of the CRC as an essential framework and tool for strengthening planning and programming for child and adolescent health. Best practices on practical application of the CRC as a planning and programming tool for child and adolescent health will be compiled, analysed and published; and recommendations will be adopted for legislators, policy-makers, programme managers and health care providers on the systematic application of the CRC to improve child and adolescent health laws, policies, and services.