Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

International Day of the Midwife

5 May 2014

In 2014 the International Day of the Midwife engages stakeholders across the world with local activities of midwives associations as well as a virtual campaign advocating for investment in midwives and midwifery globally resulting in the wellbeing of mothers and newborns.

In 2014 the new subtheme "Midwives changing the world one family at a time" sends a strong signal that midwives provide care that changes families, communities and the world by saving the lives of mothers and babies. This new theme also resonates with the overarching theme that has accompanied IDM for the past years: "The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever". Both themes underline the importance of midwives and their work on a local as well as global level. It also supports the case that adequately educated and resourced professional midwives are crucial to achieving MDGs 4&5. Furthermore, the message that ‘Midwives Save Lives’ is increasingly relevant as the 2015 deadline for realising the MDGs draws ever closer.

Global Twitter chat

A global Twitter chat will take place on 5th May for an hour from 4pm CET as part of the celebrations of the work of midwives. The hour will focus on the Every Newborn Action Plan, what it offers and how midwives can contribute and benefit from the plan.

Join the global twitter chat on 5 May at 4pm CET for the Every Newborn Special hour using hashtags:


Follow the twitter chat throughout the day and find out how midwives save lives and change the world.