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Computerized tool for IMCI training launched

09 May 2008

ICATT cover

ICATT is a computerized, adaptable tool for training in the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI). A joint project of WHO and the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development, ICATT is now available for use globally.

It is an innovative software application that makes it possible to adapt the IMCI guidelines at national and sub-national levels, and to develop ICATT-based courses to support various training approaches. ICATT can be translated into different languages and used in a range of environments and settings, giving it a global reach. Once adapted, ICATT can be “closed” and distributed to trainers, trainees, nongovernmental organizations, and other partners that can then use ICATT for training, but cannot change the content of the application.

ICATT is made up of the following core components:

  • Chart booklet builder: The IMCI guidelines developed by WHO have been summarized in a set of charts presented in a chart booklet. The builder permits the easy revision of the chart booklet according to national or sub-national guidelines.
  • The library includes reference and educational materials on IMCI and related child health issues, developed by WHO and other international agencies. It also includes a wide variety of videos, pictures and sounds that are used for audiovisual practice in the training course, but that may also be used independently.
  • The training set allows for the adaptation of the generic training course. The training approach can be chosen to suit local needs and the training course adapted accordingly. Materials from the library help to build tailor-made training courses.
  • The training player displays the training session for self-learners or in classroom settings. It is the result of the adapted training course in the training set (once closed, the content can no longer be changed). Associated with the training player, is a set of guides that can be used to facilitate all components of IMCI training using ICATT.

ICATT is intended for everyone who works with IMCI. The ICATT builder and manager is specifically targeted at professionals who are responsible for adapting the IMCI guidelines and developing IMCI training courses (e.g. ministries of health, medical and paramedical schools, WHO). The library can be used by professionals at any level for reference and for broadening the training beyond the generic IMCI training course. The IMCI training player is targeted at IMCI training institutions, IMCI trainers and IMCI trainees in both pre-service and in-service settings.

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