Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

G8 leaders adopt Declaration highlighting MNCH

10 July 2009

At the conclusion of their summit in La Maddalena, Italy in July 2009, G8 leaders adopted a final Declaration on "responsible leadership for a sustainable future", which highlighted the importance of maternal, newborn and child health for development, and indicated some concrete ways forward. The following key statements were included in the section on "Promoting Global Health" (paragraphs 120-125):

  • "progress towards health-related MDGs, especially for child mortality and maternal health is still off-track particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa";
  • "In the current global financial crisis we reaffirm our commitment to address the health needs of the most vulnerable, especially women and children";
  • "We will accelerate progress on combating child mortality, including through intensifying support for immunization and micronutrient supplementation, and on maternal health, including through sexual and reproductive health care and services and voluntary family planning";
  • "We warmly support building a global consensus on maternal, newborn and child health as a way to accelerate progress on the Millennium Development Goals for both maternal and child health, through (i) political and community leadership and engagement; (ii) a quality package of evidence-based interventions through effective health systems; (iii) the removal of barriers to access for all women and children, free at the point of use where countries chose to provide it; (iv) skilled health workers; (v) accountability for results";
  • "We encourage the work WHO, WB, UNICEF and UNFPA are doing to renew international efforts on maternal and child health"; and
  • "Building on the decisions taken at St. Petersburg, Heiligendamm and Toyako, we have established a follow-up mechanism to monitor the progress of health commitments. We welcome the report submitted by our experts, highlighting progress and proposing further actions, and we commit to further improvements."