Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Health for the world's adolescents - photo competition winners

The Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health Department held a photo competition between July 15th and October 15th open to adolescents, aged 14-19 years. Seventy-seven adolescents (39 males and 38 females) from all WHO regions entered the competition, from 33 countries. In total, 450 photographs were submitted. Five professional photographers as well as a young medical doctor judged the photos, ultimately selecting ten winners. The winners are from Argentina, Brazil, India, Malawi, Pakistan, Philippines, Slovenia, Ukraine and United States of America.

A young adolescent girl clearing refuse in an orchard/farm.
Shreya Natu

The winners will now take photographs portraying the following themes:

  • Adolescents are healthy
  • Adolescents learn about health
  • Adolescents use health services when needed
  • It can be difficult to stay healthy
  • Adolescents are active in promoting health

Their photographs will be used in the upcoming WHO report "Health for the world's adolescents" that will be released in 2014.

More on the winners

The winners are:

  • Hanalie Shermaine Albiso, 19 years old, female from Philippines.
  • Caio Gabriel Barreto Rodrigues Gomes, 15 years old adolescent boy from Brazil.
  • Jacob Jungwoo Han, 15 years old adolescent boy from the United States of America.
  • Edith Kachingwe, 14 years old girl from Malawi.
  • Ahmed ‘Emme’ Khan, 19, male from Pakistan.
  • Palash Khatri, 17years old boy from India.
  • Shreya Natu, 15 years old girl from India.
  • Nik Neubauer, 19, adolescent male from Slovenia.
  • Hauranitai Shulika, 19, adolescent male from Ukraine.
  • Camila Eugenia Vargas, 16, adolescent girl from Argentina.