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WHO meeting on survivors of Ebola virus disease: Clinical care, research, and biobanking

Dates: 3-7 August 2015
Place: Freetown, Sierra Leone

Report of the meeting

  • WHO meeting on survivors of Ebola virus disease: Clinical care of survivors
    January 2016 -- The meeting report contains: review of literature on health and psychosocial problems of Ebola survivors; mapping of survivor care providers and cohorts; Ebola virus persistence in body fluids after recovery and risk of sexual transmission; clinical experiences and data from survivor cohorts, and next steps.

About the meeting

WHO is holding clinical and research meetings in Sierra Leone, from 3-7 August 2015, on topics related to Ebola survivors. Health workers, Ebola experts, and Ebola survivors are discussing medical and social challenges to producing comprehensive care plans for survivors. Researchers are looking into residual viral loads, long-term effects of Ebola, and impacts of treatments. Laboratory and ethics experts are deliberating safe preservation and biobanking of clinical samples.

Specific objectives

  • Identify existing clinical services available to EVD survivors in West Africa and help link them to survivors in need of care.
  • Share expertise and experience regarding clinical management of EVD survivors to build consensus on best clinical management practices.
  • Discuss and develop common protocols for data collection and best clinical management of EVD survivors.
  • Review key research questions regarding EVD survivors, including the evidence for various health problems post-EVD and their pathogenesis, to enable improved care of survivors for this and future outbreaks.
  • Work toward consensus and implementation of a biobanking system for samples collected from West Africa as well as samples that may be collected in future epidemics of EVD.

Meeting documents