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WHO and Partners Stakeholders' Technical Consultation on Hormonal Contraception and HIV

Place: Geneva Switzerland
Date: 31 January–1 February 2012

In light of a study by Heffron and colleagues, as well as the public health concerns it raises, WHO is convening a technical consultation to re-examine the totality of evidence on potential effects of hormonal contraception on HIV acquisition, disease progression, and infectivity/transmission to sexual partners.

This technical consultation will bring together a multi-disciplinary group of experts to evaluate the available scientific evidence in this area. Through a consensus-based process, current WHO recommendations on contraceptive use for women at risk of HIV, women with HIV infection or AIDS, will be assessed to determine whether they remain consistent with the updated body of evidence or whether modifications need to be made.

Recommendations from the consultation will be applied to WHO’s clinical guidance and guide the development of research priorities for research in this area. WHO will issue a statement on recommendations for contraceptive use in high HIV incidence and prevalence settings after a consensus has been reached at the conclusion of the consultation.

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