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Fourth IHP+ Country Health Teams Meeting

Sustaining and accelerating change, getting results

Place: Nairobi, Kenya
Date: 11–14 December 2012

The International Health Partnership (IHP+) aims to improve progress towards the health Millennium Development Goals, by putting agreed principles on aid effectiveness into practice. IHP+ mobilizes national governments, development agencies, civil society and others to support a single, country-led national health strategy in a well-coordinated way.

This fourth IHP+ Country Health Teams Meeting will agree ways in which the Partnership can further accelerate aid and development effectiveness in health.

The meeting will:

  • analyze the latest results of approaches to increase alignment behind one national health plan, to increase alignment with country systems and to improve accountability;
  • achieve a better shared understanding of obstacles and incentives for partners to change ways of working, including enhancing south-south co-operation for health development effectiveness;
  • agree on future IHP+ approaches to strengthen mutual accountability for commitments and results.