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Malaria 2012 Conference: saving lives in the Asia-Pacific

Place: Sydney, Australia
Date: 31 October–2 November 2012

The Malaria 2012 Conference aims to accelerate progress towards the global target of a 75% reduction in malaria cases and deaths in Asia and the Pacific by 2015.

The Malaria 2012 programme will focus on the critical factors in controlling and eliminating malaria in Asia and the Pacific. This includes issues such as sustainable financing, political leadership and regional cooperation. Many of the challenges related to malaria control and elimination are common across other public health threats.

The conference will bring together representatives of regional governments, international donors, the business sector and non-government organisations. It will culminate in a ministerial level meeting hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator the Hon Bob Carr and the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Malaria, Mr Ray Chambers.

In a side event, WHO and the Roll Back Malaria Partnership will launch a new report entitled Defeating Malaria in Asia, the Pacific, Americas, Middle East and Europe.