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WHO/World Bank Ministerial-level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage

Place: WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 18–19 February 2013

“All people get the good quality health services that they need without fear of financial ruin.”

WHO and the World Bank are co-hosting a ministerial-level meeting on universal health coverage (UHC).

Universal health coverage is about ensuring that all people have access to services that promote good health, prevent illness, offer treatment and rehabilitation. The services must be of good quality and effective, and people must not suffer financial hardship when paying for them.

The meeting will bring together ministers of finance and health from 27 countries with other high-level stakeholders. A series of roundtable discussions will be held:

  • to explore ways that countries are progressing towards universal health coverage;
  • to share innovative solutions; and
  • to identify actions the global community can take to support efforts.

In addition, there will be a ‘marketplace’ in the WHO foyer where development partners, including civil society, can showcase what their organizations are doing to support countries as they move towards universal health coverage.