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Building resilient health systems in Ebola-affected countries

Date: 10-11 December 2014
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

The meeting brings together health and finance ministers, non-state actors, donors and international technical agencies with the aim of laying the foundation for stronger health systems in the medium- to long-term in the Ebola-affected countries.

It will draw on the experiences of the key stakeholder groups to identify pragmatic solutions and needed investments to enable an adequate coverage and quality of health services for the population and to ensure that these strengthened health systems will be better prepared to cope and sustain core services with future crises.

Objectives of the meeting

  • Identify the main constraints and challenges faced by countries in rebuilding and developing more resilient health systems.
  • Identify medium- to long-term solutions on how best to build and invest in national and sub-national systems that deliver basic essential quality health services that can also respond adequately to future emergencies and crises.
  • Based on the comparative advantage of each entity, agree on the roles and responsibilities of the all stakeholder groups (governments, non-state actors, donors and international technical agencies) on their contribution to building resilient health systems in countries, in a coordinated manner under country leadership.

Meeting outcome

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