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Consultation on antiretroviral therapy for HIV prevention

Date: 2–4 November 2009
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

WHO will host a consultation on antiretroviral therapy (ART) for HIV prevention in November 2009. This meeting follows the publication in The Lancet of a mathematical model on ART for HIV prevention developed by WHO scientists.

The meeting will bring together a broad range of stakeholders: researchers, health economists, modellers, policy and programme planners, civil society representatives, people living with HIV, gender advocates, human right experts and ethicists, cosponsors of UNAIDS, donors and bilateral agencies.

The aim of the consultation is to discuss broad issues around the concept of ART for HIV prevention, including feasibility and acceptability, human rights and ethical implications, and research priorities.

This is an invitation-only meeting. WHO will circulate a report after the consultation, with an overview of key discussions and outputs.

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