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Fifty-seventh World Health Assembly

17-22 May 2004

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Address by the Director-General
18 May 2004 -- Addressing the Health Assembly, WHO Director-General Dr LEE Jong-wook announced a new commission to gather evidence on the social and environmental causes of health inequities, and how to overcome them. Running time 22:46
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Former President Kim Dae-jung addresses the World Health Assembly
18 May 2004 -- Despite advancements in technology, poverty remains a crucial global problem that needs to be addressed, according to Dr Kim Dae-jung, former President of the Republic of Korea. Speaking at the World Health Assembly, Dr Kim stressed the link between poverty and health, and urged the international community to work together to narrow the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Running time 14:46
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Former President Jimmy Carter addresses the World Health Assembly
19 May 2004 -- Mr Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States of America, addressed the World Health Assembly today, and stressed that the greatest challenge facing the world today was the growing chasm between the rich and the poor. Mr Carter also underscored the progress in fighting many neglected diseases, including guinea-worm and river blindness. Running time 24:37
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Miss Anastasia Kamylk speaks to World Health Assembly about HIV/AIDS
18 May 2004 -- Miss Anastasia Kamylk from Belarus addressed the World Health Assembly, speaking of her experiences living with HIV. She said little had changed in terms of overall conditions for people with HIV/AIDS, and reminded delegates that it was their power and action that determined the fate of each individual infected with HIV. Running time 8:19
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