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WHO podcast episodes 2007

22 November 2007: Plan for better access to medicines; diabetes along US-Mexico border; polio outbreak in Sudan

22 October 2007: Women and childbirth; drug-resistant tuberculosis; peanut butter for malnourished children

24 September 2007: Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; cholera in Iraq; and first anniversary of UNITAID

5 September 2007: The world health report 2007 on threats to global public health security; tracking a killer virus in the mines of Uganda

17 August 2007: Search for Marburg clues in Uganda; new guidance on mosquito nets; medicines needed in flood-affected Bangladesh

3 August 2007: Risks to children from harmful chemical exposure; China and India join WHO clinical trial registry; World Breastfeeding Week

16 July 2007: HIV/AIDS and women's leadership; success at Kenya AIDS clinic

29 June 2007: New study on long travel and blood clots; how to stay safe in the summer sun; interview with WHO Assistant Director-General

15 June 2007: New International Health Regulations; health impact of environment; importance of safe blood for mothers

18 May 2007: World Health Assembly discusses avian flu vaccine; new initiative to counter yellow fever

14 May 2007: World Health Assembly; Goodwill Ambassador Liya Kebede; 10th anniversary of vaccine vial monitor

27 April 2007: Pandemic influenza stockpile; youth and road safe

30 March 2007: Male circumcision and HIV prevention; Avian influenza

23 March 2007: Meningitis in Africa; positive news on TB epidemic; water scarcity particularly affects women and children

8 March 2007: The case for polio eradication; WHO commits to improving women's health

28 February 2007: Neurological disorders; yellow fever in Togo; new management team in WHO

9 February 2007: Avian influenza; health risks after floods in Indonesia

1 February 2007: Executive Board wrap-up; neglected disease makes a comeback 40 years on

19 January 2007: Measles deaths reduced by 60% worldwide