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WHO podcast: Evidence in action

T. Imai

The WHO podcast brings you public health information and related news from around the world. We show you how scientific evidence is a trigger for action in the world of public health. Click on the links below to subscibe, or to play or download individual episodes.

Recent episodes

  • Zika preparedness
    30 August 2017 - Infectious disease outbreaks are no longer just about bacteria and viruses, but also the social and economic world we create.
  • Zika virus research
    15 May 2017 - How does qualitative research help put a human face on the Zika epidemic?
  • Ethics of Zika virus
    12 April 2017 - Evidence is not enough to shape health policy and practice. We also need to consider bioethics to take the right action for society.
  • Long-term management of congenital Zika virus syndrome
    29 March 2017 - Is microcephaly just the tip of an enormous iceberg?
  • Zika epidemiology
    16 March 2017 - What are the mysteries around Zika virus transmission and the rare but serious neurological disorders associated with it?

Past episodes

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