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WHO Director-General: proposals

The deadline for proposals for nominations for the post of Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) passed yesterday.

Today, the proposals were opened by the Chairman of the WHO Executive Board, Dr Fernando Antezana Araníbar. He has now advised WHO's 192 Member States of the list of names of the persons who have been proposed.

These are:

  • Dr Kazem Behbehani (proposed by Kuwait)
  • Dr Margaret Chan (proposed by China)
  • Dr Julio Frenk (proposed by Mexico)
  • Mr David A. Gunnarsson (proposed by Iceland)
  • Dr Nay Htun (proposed by Myanmar)
  • Dr Karam Karam (proposed by Syrian Arab Republic)
  • Dr Bernard Kouchner (proposed by France)
  • Dr Pascoal Manuel Mocumbi (proposed by Mozambique)
  • Dr Shigeru Omi (proposed by Japan)
  • Dr Alfredo Palacio González (proposed by Ecuador)
  • Professor Pekka Puska (proposed by Finland)
  • Ms Elena Salgado Méndez (proposed by Spain)
  • Professor Dr Tomris Türmen (proposed by Turkey)

Since 1 June, WHO's 192 Member States have had the opportunity to propose candidates. The WHO Secretariat will now translate the proposals and the curriculum vitae of the candidates submitted by the Member States concerned, into the six official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) and dispatch these to all Member States by 5 October.

From 6 - 8 November, the Executive Board will meet in Geneva to decide on a short-list of candidates, interview them, and then vote to propose a candidate to the World Health Assembly. In a special session on 9 November, the Assembly will consider the Board's nomination and appoint a Director-General.

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