Medical devices

Key messages from the second meeting of the advisory group on health technology
8-9 November 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sessions 1-6

Session 1: Report of the Talloires Inter-Country meeting, October 2008
Mr Tony Easty

  • The WHO and Luxembourg partner to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and technology management (HIT).
  • The WHO-Luxembourg project directly responds to most of the action points contained in Health Technologies Resolution WHA60.29. It aims to develop an HIT planning and management toolkit as well as testing indicators for evaluating and measuring the impact of HIT management on health sector investments, service delivery and quality of care in six countries.

Session 2: Report of the 1st Advisory Group Meeting on Health Technology, April 2009
Dr Yunkap Kwankam

  • At the 1st meeting of the AGHT group in Geneva in April 2009, many groups were identified to develop guidelines and tools.
  • There is a recognition that the approach undertaken for the past 30 years needs to change.
  • WHO needs to leverage more its role as catalyst and convener.

Session 3: Working Groups and Glossary
Mr Andre Boule

  • Thirteen working groups were formed in the 1st meeting to develop needed guidelines and tools.
  • Common terms are needed to describe healthcare technology and its management.

Session 4: Biomedical Engineering Professional Survey
Mr Saide Calil

  • Initial survey conducted to identify teaching units for biomedical engineering.
  • Many existing teaching units have not been captured in the survey.
  • A more concrete definition of the teaching units is needed in order to better capture the existing and relevant resources.

Session 5: Baseline Survey and E-documentation Centre
Mrs Adriana Velazquez Berumen

  • A baseline medical device web survey tool to be completed by all Member States is introduced to collect baseline information on the status of health technology, monitor the implementation of WHA60.29, define country focal points, and share best practices.
  • The Health Technologies e-documentation centre was introduced to consolidate existing health technology references and provide an easily accessible and searchable resource available to everyone through the WHO website.

Session 6: Country Challenges and Strategies (in pilot countries)
Various presenters

  • The represented Member States each presented an overview of the state of healthcare technology and its management in their respective country.
  • Each state identified challenges that they were facing and the following common thems emerged: lack of human resources, lack of HIT policy development and sustainability, and lack of HTM presence/representation at the ministry level.