Medical devices

Call for innovative technologies that address global health concerns

Screening and selection

Step 1: WHO screened all applications. The ones which were incomplete would, in principle, not be processed further. An identifier code was assigned to the application and all information about the applicant was removed to maintain confidentiality.

Step 2: Application (without identification data) was sent to selected WHO collaborating institutions for a second screening with respect to conformity to the scope of the call for innovative technologies. Those applications which did not fall within the scope of the call were not be sent to the selection committee (Advisory Group on Innovative Technologies).

Step 3: Proposals were evaluated and selected by the Advisory Group on Innovative Technologies, which is composed of experts in the field of health technologies. A confidentiality agreement was signed by the members of such advisory group. Any expert reviewer with a declared conflict of interest was not authorized to participate in the review.

The following considerations were be taken into account in the selection of the applications:

  • Level of safety for the user, patient and the environment;
  • How effectively the technology addresses the health concern in question;
  • How well the technology is adapted to local infrastructures in resource-limited settings;
  • Ease of use and maintenance;
  • Total cost of ownership, cost-effectiveness and affordability; and
  • Cultural and social acceptability of the technology.

Each applicant will be notified in writing (by e-mail) whether or not it has been selected in June 2010. A list of the selected innovative technologies will then be posted on the WHO web site.

Governments, donors and other stakeholders will be informed about which technologies have been selected with a view to fostering the development, availability of and access to innovative technologies, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.