Medical devices

Call for innovative technologies that address global health concerns

Frequently asked questions

In the eligibility section of the brochure, it states that only one submission per applicant will be accepted. What qualifies as a applicant?

The applicant refers to the person submitting the application. Thus more than one submission will be accepted per university, department, company and other institutions as long as the responsible person is not the same for each submission.

What kind of funding will be awarded to selected applications?

No monetary prize or grants will be awarded. Selected innovative technologies will be highlighted on the WHO website and will be shared with governments, donors and other stakeholders, with a view to generally fostering the development, availability of, and access to, innovative health technologies, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

Would cancer therapy qualify for a submission?

Yes. Cancer was omitted from the initial documentation explaining the call. The application form (version 1.3) and brochure which are available on the web site now reflect that change.

Is it possible to submit applications in different categories ?

Only one application per person can be submitted.

Is it possible to partner with other persons or organizations to submit applications?

Yes. The responsible person can submit an application on behalf of the partners.