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HTAi 2011, HTA for health systems sustainability, 25-29 June 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The 8th annual meeting of HTAi was an opportunity to interact with countries on the topic of health technology assessment. It also provided an important forum for researchers, health professionals and managers to share experiences and knowledge on the best HTA practices for decision-making.

Meeting with the Global Medical Technology Alliance (GMTA), 16 May 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

The Global Medical Technology Alliance (GMTA) consists of national and regional medical technology associations representing companies that develop and manufacture 85% of the world's medical devices, diagnostics and equipment. The intent of the meeting was to further develop cooperation between WHO and the GMTA. Topics discussed included updates to the work of the GMTA, outcomes of the Global Initiative on Health Technologies (GIHT) such as the medical device technical series and the global baseline survey on medical devices, and follow-up to the First WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices. Also discussed were issues surrounding intellectual property, assistive devices, prequalification of laboratory diagnostics, injection safety, technical specifications, maternal and child health, and innovative technologies. It was agreed to meet every six months with the next meeting scheduled for 12 October 2011.

Regional workshop for the presentation of tools and guidelines to improve access to quality and use of medical devices, 29-31 March, Harare, Zimbabwe

This workshop provided a forum to present the tools and guidelines developed as part of the GIHT to the countries in the African region while considering the baseline country survey data and recommendations from the First WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices. Participants included representatives from 10 sub-Saharan countries and experts on needs assessment, health technology management, inventories and medical device lists. Implementation schemes were discussed and there was an exchange of knowledge, experiences and challenges to increase capacity building in the countries.

Informal consultation on nomenclature for medical devices, 23-24 March 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

The meeting convened key stakeholders to present a number of strategic options to achieve a single medical device nomenclature and to develop an action plan for how to move forward with a single nomenclature. The participants included developers of medical device nomenclatures, members of the two large regulation harmonization task force working groups, WHO Collaborating Centres, and Member State representatives. A follow-up meeting will be held in September 2011 in Washington D.C.

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