Medical devices



First WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices, 9-11 September 2010, Bangkok, Thailand

As part of the overall strategy to improve access to safe, effective and appropriate medical devices, WHO convened the First WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices. Follow the link below to see the webcast, presentations, posters and outcomes.

In search for equity in medical devices accessibility, 13-14 July 2010, Kobe, Japan

Participants at this meeting recommended to establish a strategic framework for advancing equitable access to medical devices.

Third meeting of the technical advisory group on health technologies, 20-22 June 2010, Cairo, Egypt

Country participants worked with advisers to develop action plans for implementation or improvement of national essential health technology programmes and to measure the progress of the programme adoption. They were also provided with resources currently available that might support effective implementation.

WHO health technology assessment workshops, 6 June 2010, Dublin, Ireland

WHO held two workshops on 6 June in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Health Technology Assessment International organization. They were entitled: The Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres for HTA and HTA in Developing Countries: where are we and where do we go?

Second meeting of the WHO advisory group on innovative technologies,27-29 April 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Participants of this meeting assisted in the final selection of applications to the call for innovative technologies, advised on dissemination strategies for the technologies selected and provided recommendations for future calls.

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