Medical devices



Second meeting of the technical advisory group on health technology, 8-9 November 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The advisory group met to further the development of national health technology programmes and needs assessment tools.

Lunch time seminar: WHO call for innovative technologies which address global health concerns, 11 September 2009, Munich, Germany

A lunch time seminar was held at the Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering World Congress to launch the call for innovative technologies that address global health concerns. The exiting event drew more than 150 delegates...

First meeting of the advisory group on innovative technologies, 20-21 June 2009, Singapore

The advisory group met to review and prioritize key health problems to be addressed by the WHO call for innovative technologies.

First meeting of the technical advisory group on health technology, 21-23 April 2009, Geneva, Switzerland

The purpose of this meeting was to review and analyse country experiences in order to better support Member States in developing, improving or enhancing effective national health technology policies.....

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