Medical devices

First WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices

9-11 September 2010, Bangkok, Thailand

innovation, safety, equity, affordability, training...


The adoption of the first resolution on health technologies in May 2007 by the World Health Assembly (WHA 60.29) set the framework for an unprecedented focus on health technologies. Health technologies are recognized as essential for the achievement of health-related Millennium Development Goals. Medical devices in particular play a fundamental role in strengthening national health systems and in improving health outcomes.

As part of the overall strategy to improve access to safe, effective and appropriate medical devices, WHO convened the First Global Forum on Medical Devices.


  • To demonstrate evidence on the need for appropriate evaluation, prioritization, regulation, assessment, management and research strategies on medical devices;
  • To share knowledge on available resources: guidelines, tools, strategies, policies and best practices at national and regional levels and determine the needs;
  • To bring together policy makers, professional organizations, funding agencies and key stakeholders to foster interdisciplinary partnerships and cultivate the aim of reaching a common goal of accessible medical devices.

Expected outcomes

  • Identification of recommended actions that can be taken for the improvement in availability, accessibility, appropriate selection, assessment, regulation, management, safety and use of medical devices in line with the World Health Assembly resolution (WHO60.29) on health technologies;
  • Compilation of best practices, available resources, tools and guidelines on medical devices for integration into national health plans;
  • A network of interdisciplinary professionals who will continue to support the role of medical devices in health systems.