Medical devices

First WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices

9-11 September 2010, Bangkok, Thailand

10 Sept: Plenary sessions

Future trends in medical devices of relevance to low resource settings

Chair: Dr Abdalla Teia, Honourable Minister of Health, Sudan
Co-Chair: Ms Jennifer Barragan, WHO

Space medical technology innovation and its global applications
Dr Chiaki Mukai, JAXA Space Biomedical Research Office

The future of health technology
Ms Renata Bushko, Future of Health Technology Institute

In search of appropriate and innovative technologies

Chair: Dr Iyad Mobarek, WHO

Local solutions
Dr Oluyombo Awojobi, Awojobi Clinic Eruwa, Nigeria

Innovation for impact: a collaborative venture
Dr Kristian Olson, Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, United States

Appropriate technologies
Mr Paul LaBarre, PATH

Global health innovations
Dr Peter A Singer, McLauglin-Rotman Centre for Global Health & Grand Challenges Canada

Strategies to promote safe, affordable, quality medical device use

Chair: Dr Masato Mugitani, Honourable Minister of Health, Japan
Co-Chair: Mr Pablo Jiménez

Health technology assessment
Dr Laura Sampietro-Colom, Health Technology Assessment International

Regulation of medical devices
Dr Ruth Lopert, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia (presentation not available for distribution)

Medical devices management
Dr David Porter, United Kingdom