Medical devices

First WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices

9-11 September 2010, Bangkok, Thailand

10 Sept: Parallel sessions

Health technology assessment, regulation, and management of medical devices when evaluating the needs

Track 1: Assessment for innovative and emerging technologies

Chair: Dr Pwee Keng Ho, Honourable Minister of Health Singapore;
Co-Chair: Dr Iyad Mobarek, WHO
Speaker: Dr Brendon Kearney, EuroScan

Track 2: Pre-market approval including preclinical and clinical evaluation

Chair: Dr Daniel Tan, Health Sciences Authority, Singapore
Co-Chair: Mr Björn Fahlgren, WHO
Speaker: Ms Yuwadee Patanawong, Food and Drug Administration, Thailand

Track 3: Needs assessment: epidemiological needs, inventories, and medical device lists

Chair: Mr Ronald Bauer, Saniplan, Germany
Co-Chair: Mr Paul Rogers, WHO
Speaker: Mrs Maria Luisa Gonzalez Retiz, CENETEC, Ministry of Health, Mexico

Prioritization, selection, and harmonization

Track 1: Equipment incorporation: selection, procurement, and donations

Chair: Mr Ludo Scheerlinck, UNICEF
Co-Chair: Dr Nicholas Adjabu, WHO
Speaker: Mr Sam S B Wanda, Ministry of Health, Uganda

Track 2: HTA of medical devices: national prioritization processes

Chair: Dr Berit Morland, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Norway
Co-Chair: Mrs Hayde Reynoso, WHO
Speaker: Dr Kalipso Chalkidou, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Track 3: Harmonization of regulation: challenges and benefits

Chair: Mr Albert Poon, China
Co-Chair: Dr Noboru Takamura, WHO
Speaker: Dr Larry Kelly, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia (presentation not available for distribution)

Assessment and management: a continuous process

Track 1: The need for adverse event reporting and post-market surveillance

Chair: Dr Isabelle Demade, European Commission
Co-Chair: Mrs Irena Prat, WHO
Speaker 1: Dr Giuseppe Ruocco, Ministry of Health, Italy
Speaker 2: Ms Joanna Koh, Health Sciences Authority, Singapore

Track 2: Healthcare technology operation: training, safe use, and maintenance

Chair: Mr Ismael Cordero, ORBIS International
Co-Chair: Mr Paul Rogers, WHO
Speaker: Mr Mladen Poluta, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Track 3: The need for continuous HTA in developing countries and the role of international organizations

Chair: Dr Chris Henshall, Health Technology Assessment International
Co-Chair: Dr Geeta Mehta, WHO
Speaker: Dr Yot Teerawattanon, Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program, Thailand (Dr Teerawattanon's presentation not available for distribution)