Medical devices

Second WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices

2nd GFMD


The Second Global Forum on Medical Devices provided the global public health community with opportunities for information exchange and collaboration to increase access to high-quality, safe, and appropriate priority medical devices. This will impact the continuum of care ranging from screening to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation under the Universal Health Coverage Strategy. The conference allowed end users and stakeholders from academia, international organizations, industry, and NGOs to share their experiences and challenges in providing access to medical devices.


  • To define methods of increasing access to priority medical devices under the Universal Health Coverage initiative.
  • To share evidence on best practices in health technology assessment, management and regulation of medical devices.
  • To demonstrate the development and use of appropriate and innovative technologies that respond to global health priorities.
  • To present the outcomes of the implementation of the World Health Assembly resolution on health technologies (WHA60.29) and the status of actions resulting from the First Global Forum on Medical Devices.


The adoption of the first resolution on health technologies in May 2007 by the World Health Assembly (WHA 60.29 ) set the framework for an unprecedented focus on health technologies. Medical devices involve those health technologies that are critical to delivery within health systems. However, attention to issues of equity, quality and access is insufficient, and often the most essential medical devices are not available.

The 1st Global Forum on Medical Devices took place in Bangkok in September 2010, with participants coming from 107 Member States. The event raised awareness and served as a forum to share ideas on how to increase access to safe and effective medical devices. Now, 3 years later, advances and challenges since 2010 were shared.