Medical devices

Innovative technologies

Successful health care delivery requires effective medical devices as tools for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Despite the exponential growth of scientific and technological development, low- and middle-income countries are still largely excluded from access to appropriate and affordable health technologies.

WHO is pleased to announce the outcome of the call for innovative technologies that address global health concerns. Eight medical devices in the category of commercialized or able to be commercialized stage products and seven in the category of non-commercialized or able to be commercialized stage products were selected.

In the medical device programme the term ¨Innovative technologies¨ refers to novel medical device solutions developed to address health problems and improve quality of life. Of particular interest are technologies suitable for use in low- and middle income countries that have the ability to enhance the access to essential health products and services leading to improved health for the population most in need.

In order to facilitate equitable access to health care and the necessary core technologies, one of the goals of the WHO Department of Essential Health Technologies is to identify and promote innovative technologies addressing global health concerns and to stimulate their further development.

To contribute to the achievement of that goal the Department of Essential Health Technologies has launched a call for ¨Innovative Technologies that address global health concerns¨. The call aims at identifying and evaluating innovative medical devices, either commercialized or under development, which focus on global health concerns by being accessible, appropriate and affordable for use in low- and middle-income countries.