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WHO Questionnaire concerning psychoactive substances under evaluation at the 39th ECDD

At its 126th session in January 2010, the Executive Board approved the publication “Guidance on the WHO review of psychoactive substances for international control” (EB126/2010/REC1, Annex 6) which requires the Secretariat to request relevant information from Ministers of Health in Member States and to prepare a report for submission to the ECDD. For this purpose, an online questionnaire was designed to gather information on the legitimate medical or scientific use, use for psychoactive purposes or recreational use, status of national control and potential impact of international control for each substance under evaluation.

Member States are invited to collaborate in this process, as in the past, by providing pertinent information as requested in the questionnaire and concerning the substances under review.

The summary information from the questionnaire will be published online as part of the substance review report.

The PDF versions of the questionnaire are available below for reference only:

Please note that all questionnaires must be answered through the online system. PDF submissions will not be accepted. The designated focal point, and only this person, should access and complete the online questionnaires.

Should you have any queries please contact the ECDD Secretariat by email: