Essential medicines and health products

Medicine Pricing and Financing

Improving access to medicines through equitable financing and affordable prices

In many countries medicines account for over half of total health expenditures and are often unavailable and unaffordable to consumers who need them. Up to 90% of the population in developing countries still buys medicines through out-of-pocket payments, and are often exposed to the risk of catastrophic expenditure.

Equitable access to quality pharmaceuticals is an essential component of health system strengthening and primary health care reform, particularly in low- and lower-middle income countries. Sustainable and efficient financing of medicines and affordable prices are therefore essential to ensuring access to medicines, and are two of the building blocks in the WHO access to medicines framework.

WHO framework for access to essential medicines

WHO is committed to working with countries and a wide range of stakeholders to enhance equitable and efficient provision of medicines. WHO aims to support countries to develop appropriate medicines financing mechanisms and to provide affordably priced medicines to their citizens.


Sustainable Financing Mechanisms for Medicines

under development

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