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Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Initiative

The multi-stakeholder approach

There are different models on how the multi-stakeholder group functions in-country. In most cases, a broad group comes together in what is called the MeTA Forum. A MeTA Council may be elected by the Forum or by another body such as the government. The MeTA Council plans, manages, implements and reports on the country programme of work.

Participant countries make a commitment to progressively disclose a standard set of core data covering the quality, availability, price, and utilization of medicines. Fulfillment of this commitment depends on the involvement of civil society, businesses and the public sector, who must work together to collect, share, debate, and apply the outcomes of gathered data. This multi-stakeholder approach aims to ensure that all interest groups have a voice in the pharmaceutical market and participate in the policy dialogue.

Key MeTA activities

  • Identify needs and support data collection, sharing, analysis and discussions pertaining to the pharmaceutical sector that are of mutual interest and national significance;
  • Raise the profile of medicines policy in countries and facilitate the debate on priority medicines policy and medicines market topics;
  • Issue advice and make recommendations for action to health authorities for improving access to quality assured medicines;
  • Improve transparency of the pharmaceutical sector;
  • Improve dissemination of information to professionals and the public;
  • Improve capacity of civil society (or other stakeholders) to participate in the multi-stakeholder dialogue