Richard Laing

Richard Laing

Richard Laing, MBCh.B, MSc, MD, PhD.

Richard Laing is a physician who worked at all levels for 18 years in the Ministry of Health Zimbabwe. After receiving post graduate degrees in public health and health policy he spent 13 years in Boston USA. He initially worked for an international consulting company establishing the International Network for the Rational Use of Drugs and was an editor for Managing Drug Supply, 2nd edition.

He was then a professor of international public health at Boston University School of Public Health before joining WHO in mid 2003 as a medical officer. He has served on a number of WHO expert committees. He has an extensive list of academic publications and is one of the editors and authors of the standard text Managing Drug Supply. At WHO, he is responsible for editing the Essential Drugs Monitor. He was one of the authors of the Priority Medicines for Europe and the World Report. He has been engaged in working on measurement of medicines pricing and availability as part of the joint WHO/HAI project on Medicine prices. He is also the editor of the WHO World Medicine Situation (3rd Edition).

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