Essential medicines and health products

Clive Ondari


Medicines Access and Rational Use

Clive Ondari has over twenty years of experience in pharmaceutical policies and programmes, having worked for the Government of Kenya and WHO on various assignments. He was the technical officer in the WHO/Kenya National Drug Policy Programme from 1997 to 2000. Then he worked jointly for EMP and Malaria departments before becoming coordinator of the PAR team in the Essential Medicines Department.

He holds a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Master of Science in Business Administration (Strategic Planning). He started his career in academia and regulatory affairs in Kenya where he was Associate Professor and Head of Department at the University of Nairobi and Chairman of the Pharmacy Board (Committee on Registration of Medicines) for over ten years.

For the last seven years, he has been the Coordinator for Medicines Access and Rational Use, which incorporates WHO Headquarters’ guidance work on medicines selection, supplies management and rational use.

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  • Kenya National Drug Policy: Implementation Programme
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    The drug policy started in the 1990s and its goal was “to ensure the constant availability of safe, efficacious, high quality and cost-effective pharmaceutical products for the purposes of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the Kenyan population.”

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