Technical cooperation for essential drugs

Technical cooperation for essential drugs

The Technical Cooperation for Essential Drugs team (TCM) cooperates with countries on medicines issues. Using the WHO Medicines Strategy 2004-2007 "Countries at the Core" as its framework, TCM’s priority is to assist countries in their efforts to increase the availability and affordability and rational use of high-quality medicines. It achieves this by supporting country and regional structures and by building medicines expertise.

TCM priority areas of cooperation

Reflecting bottom-up nature of WHO's technical assistance in medicines, TCM's activities are driven by country needs and priorities. Below is a description of functions and priority areas of each team. Please follow the link to each team’s page to find more information.

Medicines Policy and Supply Management (MPM)

Regulation and legislation

Intellectual Property Rights


Technical Cooperation
for Essential Drugs
and Traditional
Medicine (HTP/TCM)

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