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WHO Call for Preliminary Expression of Interest for development of innovative sustainable financing approaches for the assessment of the quality and safety of health technologies

WHO is issuing this call for preliminary expression of interest, to gauge the level of interest from academic or private organizations in exploring — jointly with WHO — potential innovative and sustainable financing options for WHO prequalification of medical technologies and supporting regulatory activities.


WHO prequalifies diagnostics, medicines and vaccines on behalf of other UN agencies and organizations that procure medical technology products (medicines, vaccines and diagnostics). Regulatory functions such as development and adoption of pharmaceutical norms and standards, assessment and strengthening of national regulatory authorities, and monitoring of the safety of prequalified products, underpin or support WHO prequalification (PQ) and may also be considered, together with PQ itself, as global public goods. WHO would like to explore innovative financing options for ensuring the medium-term sustainability of the PQ programme.

The financing options must take into account a range of factors. These include:c

  • WHO’s mandate for setting pharmaceutical norms and standards
  • the differences between the health technologies covered by WHO prequalification (medicines, vaccines diagnostics)
  • the trust placed in WHO prequalification by international and national organizations involved in procurement of health technologies
  • the need to avoid or carefully manage conflict of interest.


Potentially interested parties are invited to submit an expression of interest to WHO by 14 February 2013, with a succinct description (maximum 5 pages) of the approach proposed to develop potential options, as well as an indicative timeframe and a suggestion of the order of magnitude of the budget that might be needed.

WHO reserves the right to seek more information from all, any or none of the respondents to this request for a preliminary expression of interest, without justification

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Individual contributions received by WHO will remain confidential.

Contact for further information

Ms Jacqueline Sawyer
Health Systems and Innovation Cluster
World Health Organization