Essential medicines and health products

About WHO Drug Information

WHO Drug Information is a quarterly journal providing an overview of topics relating to medicines development and regulation which is targeted to a wide audience of health professionals and policy makers.

Launched in 1987, WHO Drug Information communicates the latest international news and trends to regulatory agencies, academic and training institutions, researchers, consumer bodies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers and focuses on topics impacting the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines, medical products, herbals and biomedicines. It presents a range of perspectives on how current challenges impact the manufacture, prescribing and access of medicines throughout the world and introduces newly-released guidance documents.

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Information developed by WHO:

Guidelines and recommendations concerning medicines, biologicals, vaccines, medical devices, herbals and related products

Revisions of the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines

WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines

Proposed and recommended International Nonproprietary Names (INN) for Pharmaceutical Substances

International Nonproprietary Names

International Pharmacopoeia monographs

The International Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Int.)

Information from research institutions, medical journals and regulatory authorities:

  • Commentaries on clinical trials of drugs important for regulatory authorities
  • Newly reported adverse reactions
  • Dangerous drug combinations
  • Drug warnings and amendments to product information
  • Changes in treatment
  • News briefs
  • Articles on issues of current concern