Essential medicines and health products

WHO Drug Information

Volume 19, Number 3, 2005

Quality Assurance and Safety of Medicines

WHO Drug Information

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Number of pages: 60
Publication date: 10 August 2005
Languages: English

The third issue of WHO DRUG INFORMATION this year presents a personal perspective on how clinical pharmacology is perceived and how inter-country collaboration on rational use studies in public health are possible and relevant to reducing costs. The clinical pharmacologist can provide a link between government and the health care community and advocate for the introduction of needed new services.

A feature article provides a concise overview of the impact on public health of intellectual property protection and some guidance on how developing countries can best utilize the resources available through the TRIPS agreement and Doha Declaration.

The section on Regulatory Action provides a snapshot of recent decisions from regulatory authorities, including approvals and withdrawals. This is complemented by the Safety and Efficacy section giving the latest information on signals and reports of adverse drug reactions, with other news from around the world, including labeling changes.

Recent developments in Herbal Medicines include publication by WHO of a monograph for cultivation of Artemisia annua with the aim of assuring sustainable supplies of this plant with important antimalarial properties.

The new Model List of Essential Medicines agreed in March 2005 is published together with highlights covering the rationale for inclusion of methadone and mifepristone, with a summary of additions and deletions since the last Model List.