Essential medicines and health products

WHO Drug Information

Volume 19, Number 4, 2005

Quality Assurance and Safety of Medicines

WHO Drug Information

Publication details

Number of pages: 44
Publication date: 10 November 2005
Languages: English

The final issue of WHO DRUG INFORMATION for 2005 opens with an overview on avian influenza and how the WHO global influenza network can offer help with diagnosis and testing. This is followed by a detailed report from the European Union on currently available antiviral medicines and their use in the context of a pandemic.

Legislation has recently been enacted in Canada to make timely access to affordable medicines easier for developing countries. The new advisory approval process is described and includes a step by step analysis of how the system operates, with instructions on how to make an application.

Safety and Efficacy includes an article from Ghana describing the particular challenges facing health services when reporting adverse events to the national pharmacovigilance centre within the context of malaria prophylaxis for pregnant women. This section also provides the latest information on major signals and reports of adverse drug reactions, safety news, and labeling changes. Regulatory Action provides a snapshot of news, guidelines, approvals and withdrawals from medicines agencies around the world.

WHO has recently launched a new Medicines website with tiered structure and interactive features providing direct access to information on its medicines activities together with resources, latest news and events, and indexes of publications. Treatment guidelines are searchable through the WHO Medicines Library.