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WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter

No. 6, 2009 & No. 1, 2010

Quality assurance and Safety

WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter

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Editors: Shanti Pal
Number of pages: 32
Publication date: April 2010
Languages: English


This is a double edition, that combines volumes No. 6, 2009 and No. 1, 2010. Some of the information might therefore be a bit outdated but we wish to present them anyhow, for those of you who do not have ready access to this information from other sources. Under ‘Feature’ we include an article on the WHO programme for the prequalification of quality control laboratories; and the recommendations from the thirty-second meeting of representatives participating in the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring.

We wish you all a very good year in 2010. And thank you for your interest in the newsletter