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WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter

No. 3, 2010

Quality assurance and Safety

WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter

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Editors: Shanti Pal
Number of pages: 22
Publication date: June 2010
Languages: English


In this issue of the Newsletter we bring you a feature on a workshop on pharmacovigilance for countries in the West African region that was recently held in Accra, Ghana. The purpose of the workshop was to help countries in the region develop pharmacovigilance programmes where they do not exist and for strengthening existing programmes. Read more about the workshop in the 'Feature article'.

In addition to the regular information about Regulatory Matters and Safety of Medicines, the Newsletter gives you an article about collaborative participation of inspectors from national Medicines Regulatory Authorities (MRAs) in inspections coordinated by the WHO Prequalification of Medicines (PQM) Programme. The purpose of this strategy is better involvement of inspectors from MRAs of developing countries, and other interested Member States, in inspections organized by the WHO-PQM and training of inspectors from these countries.