Essential medicines and health products

WHO Policy Perspectives on Medicines

A series of leaflets presenting WHO’s view on selected topics of current interest to the world medicines community.

Issue No. 11, April 2010

Continuity and Change.
Implementing the third WHO Medicines Strategy 2008-2013

Issue No. 10, April 2005

The problem of antimicrobial resistance

Issue No.9, October 2004

Pharmacovigilance: ensuring the safe use of medicines

Issue No.8, March 2004

Equitable access to essential medicines: a framework for collective action

Issue No.7, November 2003

Effective medicines regulation: ensuring safety, efficacy and quality

Issue No.6, January 2003

How to develop and implement a national drug policy

Issue No.5, September 2002

Promoting Rational Use of Medicines: Core Components

Issue No.4, June 2002

The Selection of Essential Medicines

Issue No.3, March 2001

Globalization, TRIPS and Access to Pharmaceuticals

Issue No.2 , May 2002

Traditional Medicine -- Growing needs and potential

Issue No.1, December 2000

Medicines Strategy