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Technical Briefing Seminars (TBS)

Since 1998, the WHO Department of Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies organizes every year a number of Technical Briefing Seminars (TBS). These seminars are aimed at people working on medicine issues in pharmaceutical and health sector programmes in developing and transitional countries. Past participants have included:

  • staff from governments and non-governmental organizations;
  • medicines experts working in the public sector, in academic institutions or in consulting, private and civil society organizations; and
  • technical advisers and field staff of WHO, as well as staff from other UN and bilateral agencies.

Technical Briefing Seminars to be offered in 2018

General Objectives

Each seminar aims to provide a technical update on a range of medicines issues and programmatic approaches. In addition, an opportunity is created for discussions between participants and other experts around topics related to medicines quality, access and use. The content of the seminars varies each year and materials are provided in an electronic format so that participants and others can use these in their own work and teaching.

Presenters and facilitators

Sessions are led by senior staff members of the Department of Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies, frequently with involvement of senior staff from the various WHO regions, from our UN partner organizations such as UNICEF, and of academics from our WHO Collaborating Centres.

Applications and further information

Participation at Technical Briefing Seminars is free of charge. Participants will however be responsible for their own travel, board and lodging.

Please note that every year we receive more applications than places available on the relevant seminars. This has meant that a rigorous selection procedure is in place.




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