Essential medicines and health products

WHO/UNICEF Technical Briefing Seminar on Essential Medicines Policies, 17-21 Nov 2008, WHO HQ, Geneva


Facilitation: Dr Richard Laing, EMP/MIE

What is access?

Panel presentation and discussion
Access framework, Medicines Supply
Dr Helene Moller & Ms Magali Babaley, EMP/MAR

GLOBAL FUND - Ms Thuy Hung Ha
UNITAID - Dr Jorge Bermudez
GDF/TB - Mr Robert Matiru
UNICEF - Mr Jan Kmorska
WHO/CPS - Mr Ahmed Bellah
HTM/HIV - Mr Boniface Dongmo Nguimfack
GMP/SCM - Ms Sylvia Schwarte
ICRC - Ms Stephanie Arsac-Janvier

10:30-10:45 Coffee

Discussion and conclusion

12:30-14:00 Lunch
Optional Lunchtime Seminar, Room M505
"World Health Survey - Access to Medicines - Work in Progress"
Ms Sheila Reis, Harvard Medical School

Medicine Prices & Financing

Medicine prices, WHO/NGO Price Survey Methodology
Ms Alexandra Cameron, EMP/MAR, Dr Richard Laing, EMP/MIE

15:15-15:30 Tea

Hot topics to be selected from:

  • Medicines promotion
    Dr Richard Laing, EMP/MIE
  • Corruption & Good Governance for Medicines
    Dr Guitelle Baghdadi-Sabeti, EMP/MAR
  • Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA)
    Dr Richard Laing, EMP/MIE & Ms Alexandra Cameron, EMP/MAR
  • Access to controlled medications, including opioid analgesics
    Dr Willem Scholten, EMP/QSM
  • Other topics