Mental health

Psychoeducation, family interventions and cognitive-behavioural therapy



Psychoeducation should be routinely offered to individuals with psychotic disorder (including schizophrenia) and bipolar disorders and their family members/caregivers.
Strength of recommendation: STRONG
Quality of evidence: VERY LOW

For individuals with psychotic disorders (including schizophrenia) and bipolar disorder, cognitive-behavioural therapy and family interventions can be considered as an option if adequate trained professionals are available. Professionals delivering these interventions should have an appropriate level of competence and, wherever possible, be regularly supervised by the relevant specialists. These interventions should be continued as long as needed by the user and his/her family and therefore should be planned and developed in a sustainable way. Individuals and families should be actively involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of these interventions in coordination with health and social professionals.
Strength of recommendation: CONDITIONAL
Quality of evidence: VERY LOW