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mhGAP: mental health care in low resource settings

Video showing that millions can be treated at low cost


A Chinese man talks about how an epilepsy treatment program has helped him

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Publication date: 2010
Languages: English



"When I first got the illness, everyone thought I was a wicked person or possessed by evil spirits. I could not get work because people didn’t know what to do if I had a seizure. In 2001 I started to take this medicine and started feeling better. I started my own business and now sell these woollen carpets. Life is now good." A person with epilepsy reflects on changes brought about by an epilepsy treatment program in China.

In low and middle-income countries 75% of people do not get the mental health services they need. The mhGAP programme was developed to address this.

This video shows that with costs as low as US$ 2 per person per year, and with proper care, assistance and medication, millions can be treated. As well as the epilepsy programme in China, it features a project for children with intellectual disabilities in South Africa, a project on services for persons with psychoses, and a suicide prevention project in India.