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The Global Dementia Observatory

The Global Dementia Observatory (GDO) is a web-based data and knowledge exchange platform of key dementia information that is currently being developed by WHO.


The primary objective of the GDO is to collate and disseminate key dementia data from Member States to support evidence-based service planning and strengthening of policies as well as health and social care systems.

The web-based GDO platform will offer easy access to the collated information at national, regional and global level supplemented by statistics from other available sources such as WHO’s Global Health Observatory. The GDO will also make available global and regional dementia reports and country-specific information sheets summarizing a country’s system capacity to support people affected by dementia.

In addition, the GDO will provide the monitoring mechanism to track the implementation and progress of the global action plan on the public health response to dementia.

Conceptual framework:

The conceptual framework includes three strategic domains: policies; service delivery; and epidemiology & research and seven cross-cutting thematic areas:

  • Dementia as public health priority
  • Dementia awareness and dementia friendliness
  • Dementia risk reduction
  • Dementia diagnosis, treatment, care and support
  • Support for dementia carers
  • Information systems for dementia
  • Dementia research and innovation

Development of the GDO:

A draft framework and corresponding indicators have been pilot tested in 22 low-, middle- and high-income countries from all six WHO regions. Upon completion of the pilot phase, WHO organized a multi-sectoral, two-day consultation on the GDO which included focal points from pilot countries and other WHO Member States, technical experts and representatives from organizations such as Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND), Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI), Alzheimer Europe and the World Dementia Council. The aim of this consultation was to arrive at a common vision for the conceptual framework, the interactive knowledge exchange platform of the observatory and a way forward for the future development of the Observatory.

The GDO indicators along with a data collection strategy and tool are being finalized to facilitate collection of data from countries on an ongoing basis and to contribute information for the web-based knowledge exchange platform.

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